Annual Election and Club Party: 12 PM-3PM Sunday November 20, 2016 at Bayou Beer Garden

November 10, 2016

The annual club party and election is coming up on Sunday November 20 at 12 noon at the Bayou Beer Garden, located at 326 N. Jefferson Davis Pkwy in New Orleans!

There is no Saints game that day, and City Park league will be moved to 8 AM that morning, so come on out and support disc golf in New Orleans by renewing or beginning your membership at our free party.

2017 Bag Tags go on sale at the party, and 2017 club discs too. For the usual awesome deal of $30 you get a club bag tag and membership, plus a premium plastic disc of your choice printed with the custom 2017 NO Team logo, a great collectors item or great holiday gift! Choose from Star Destroyers, Star Colossuses, Star Thunderbirds, Star Wraiths, Tye-dye Champion Beasts, Champion Roadrunners, Gummy Champion Bosses, Glow Champion Terns, Glow Champion Firebirds, Glow KC Aviars, KC Rocs, and Pro Katanas. If you like DX plastic you can get a bag tag and membership for $20 instead and have your choice of DX Rocs, Aviars, Leopards, and Teebirds.

Who decides who gets the lowest 2017 bag tag numbers to start with, you ask? Well that my friends is decided at the Bag Tag Auction which will be held at the club party. Bid on a low number tag and it can be all yours for a while! Take your picture with it and post it all over Instagram if you want. Savor the moment while you support the courses of the New Orleans area.

Finally, the election of club directors will take place at the meeting. President, Vice-President, and Secretary/Treasurer are the three positions on the ballot. If you’d like to volunteer as a director, post it here or let a current director know.